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in Roosta

Summer or winter,
there’s plenty to do in Roosta!

Roosta Puheküla surprises you!
Activities to keep your mind bright.

Stay active all year round - engage in a fierce game of archery, go bowling, enjoy a pleasant mushroom walk in autumn, or ride horses on the beach! Test your strength and adrenaline at Roosta Adventure Park, or enjoy an exciting mobile game!

Rent a bike, play pool, go orienteering, rent skis in winter, or play table tennis. The possibilities are endless in Roosta!

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A sauna is a place not only to refresh your body, but also your mind, relieve tension and lift your spirits. In Roosta Holiday Village you can choose the sauna that suits you and your company.


Disc golf

The 9-hole disc golf course offers a fun and close-to-nature experience for young and old. The course is suitable for both beginners and advanced disc golf players.


The only bowling in Läänemaa is in Roosta. Two-lane bowling is a fun pastime that requires no preparation from the player.

Roosta Seikluspark

The adventure park

The adventure park offers fun for everyone and a thrill for those who fear heights. During the summer the adventure park is open daily, from 01.09 to 31.05 by reservation only.


Horse riding

A great experience for both young and old. A horse or pony ride through the beautiful Roosta Holiday Village.
Riding is available by reservation only.


Beach tennis

Beach tennis is suitable for players of all levels and is a fairly easy game to learn for beginners. Beach tennis is a seasonal activity played outdoors.



If you love tennis, you can also pick up a racket and get some exercise. Our clay and sand pitch is suitable for beginners as well.

Mobiilimäng aardejaht

The mobile game

There are 30 virtual coins hidden in the resort. Your task is to locate all the coins and uncover the clue needed to unlock the treasure chest.



Roosta beach is a favorite of many surfers! The seafront at Roosta Recreation Centre offers excellent conditions for both experienced surfers and beginners alike.


Archery Battle

Archery is an adventure game played with a sports stick and a bow and arrow with special cushions at the ends.


Coastal hike

Together we will hike along the coast and learn about the Estonian coastline: seashells, boulders and coastal plants. Duration 3-4 hours.

Mobiilimäng seenelkäik

Game "Mushroom hunt"

Team game "Mushroom hunt" in Roosta. It's an exciting adventure game that can be played whatever the season. A successful harvest requires teamwork.

Additional activities

Minigolf - 4 € per hour

Our mini-golf course is a fun pastime for those who have never played golf or held a golf club before. Challenge yourself!

Table tennis - 3 € per hour

If the weather doesn’t allow tennis outdoors, you can always try your hand at table tennis indoors. Everything you need for the game is waiting for you!

Billiards - 7 € per hour

A boredom-busting, mood-boosting game, perfect for a relaxing sauna evening or just for some fun.

Novuss – 2 € per hour

As an alternative to billiards. The board is approximately 100 centimetres (39 in) square, typically made of wood, has pockets in each corner, and lines marked on the surface.

Outdoor ping pong – 3 € per hour

Love table tennis but want to enjoy the nice weather? We’ve got you covered! It’s just for you!

Petanque - 3 € per hour

Roosta has the perfect conditions for this game. Form teams of 1-3, select a suitable pitch, and let the game begin!

Darts - 3 € per hour

Who’s the most accurate? Who scores more points? There’s always a game of darts to find it out.

Sjoelen – 3 € per hour

Sjoelen is a traditional table shuffleboard game originating in the Netherlands. This popular board game offers a fun and enjoyable pastime for both large and small groups.

Mölkky – 3 € per hour

It’s simple yet thrilling, offering fun and excitement through precision play. All you need is suitable weather, good company and fun!

Rent a ball - 2 € per hour

Ball games can’t be played without a ball, so we’ll find a ball for every game!

Rent a bike - 3 € per hour

Rent bicycles to explore the immediate surroundings of Roosta Holiday Village and the attractions of our municipality.

Rowing boat - 8 € per hour

In the summer, it’s also worth enjoying the beautiful weather on the water, and we offer the possibility to rent a rowing boat.

Walking sticks - 1 € per hour

A healthy walk combined with moderate exercise is suitable for anyone who appreciates beautiful nature. In addition to the walking sticks, we will also provide you with a map of the orienteering trails.

Orienteering - 0,40 € per card

A 20-point orienteering trail awaits you around Roosta Holiday Village, which takes two hours to complete at a leisurely pace. You can get an orienteering map from the campsite administrator (from the main building), where you can also check the correctness of the points later.

Basketball court

Basketball court in summer, skating rink in winter!

(in winter) skiing - 3 € per hour

In winter you can enjoy the nature on skis. Suitable trails run between forests, and you can ski along the seashore for wonderful views.

(in winter) Skates - 3 € per hour

In winter, our basketball court is covered in mirror-like ice and becomes a skating rink. We have skates to suit skaters big and small.

(Additional service) Car transport to Roosta

If you need transport to or from Roosta Holiday Village, let us know. We organise suitable transport for groups and individuals.

Book activities at the main reception desk
or call +372 525 6699.


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