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Mobile game 'Mushroom Hunt'

Come and solve different tasks and pick as many “mushrooms” as possible.

Mobile game 'Mushroom Hunt' is a team game that can be played all year round.

The virtual game obliges the team to collect as many “mushrooms” as possible. All the “mushrooms” can be seen on the map of the Roosta area. Some places have many, while others have fewer. Go to the right place and “pick up” the mushrooms.

Sounds easy? However, not so much. To discover each mushroom spot, you must solve a brain teaser. The winner is the one who gets the most mushrooms in the time.

It’s a team game that can be played year-round. The mushrooms are virtual. The whole game is driven by iPad. Leads the way, gives clues about the location of mushrooms, asks questions and keeps an account of the harvest.

The harvesting is done in small teams. Successful harvesting requires teamwork, planning, and navigating the landscape together. Decide whether to focus on the “easy pickings” that yield less or to take a risk and invest in the harder but higher-yielding places.

A prestigious prize awaits the best team.

  • season: all year round, including in the dark
  • Duration: 2 to 2,5 hours
  • languages: estonian, english, finnish, russian

Price list:

Groups of 12-30 / 40 € per person.

Groups of 31-60 / 34 € per person.

The mobile game is organised by the 360° hiking company. Contact them for more details!

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