22. juuni toimub Roosta Jaanipidu ansambliga KLUBI. Üritus on TASUTA

Horse riding

A peaceful hike through Roosta Holiday Village

Come enjoy nature in a different way.

We offer you the chance to experience something that makes you feel good – a peaceful and safe horse riding. In collaboration with a local horse breeder, we can provide you with an unforgettable experience.

A selected number of horses will be brought to Roosta by appointment, and guests can enjoy a short ride with an escort through our village. The horses selected for visitors are calm and not to be feared!

Our four-legged friends

Priidik, a funny pony for children up to 7a.
Rässi, a small horse for older children.

Priidik on the left, Rassi on the right.

Price list:

1 horse or pony / 45 € per hour
2 horses / 80 € per hour

* The horses are not kept on the premises of Roosta Holiday Village and are brought by order from a nearby farm. Please allow for a brief waiting period.

Order or ask for more information: roosta@roosta.ee or +372 525 6699.

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