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Are you considering bringing a pet or renting a seminar room?

Additional services in Roosta are available to all!

What sets Roosta apart is that we're not just a holiday village; we're also a hub for active socializing. We offer seminar and event rooms, as well as catering for on-site or outdoor events in Roosta. You're also always welcome to bring a pet.

Below you will find a list of our additional services.


Friendly pets are welcome in Roosta Holiday Village!

Guests with pets are very welcome at Roosta Holiday Village. To ensure a pleasant stay for you and fellow guests, kindly adhere to the following rules:

  • Pets are permitted within the grounds of Roosta Holiday Village but must be kept on a leash. In addition, Roosta Holiday Village reserves the right to request the use of a muzzle!
  • It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that their pet does not disturb other holidaymakers.
  • The owner assumes full responsibility for any consequences and is liable to cover damages in the event of property damage, based on an invoice issued by us.
  • If you leave your pet unattended in the holiday house, please ensure that all exits are securely closed!
  • In the holiday home, we kindly ask you to use a special sofa cover and food and drink utensils.
  • Pets are not allowed in our main building, including our restaurant and breakfast room and in the HUT building. Dining with pets is only allowed on the terrace.

Please inform us about your pet when booking your hotel room!

The additional cost for the pet is €20 for the entire holiday period

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Roosta Holiday Village offers a variety of catering options.

Roosta Resto offers a varied menu for big and small.

It is also possible to pre-order food for your event from Roosta Catering.

You can barbecue by your house in the holiday village, and there is also a designated barbecue area available. The pitch is equipped with chairs, tables, and electricity. Barbecue utensils are also available for rent upon request.

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Seminar rooms

Roosta Holiday Village Conference Centre has two seminar and conference rooms and one boardroom.

The rooms are equipped with WiFi, and additional amenities are available upon request:

  • plastic/paper/digital board
  • projection equipment (white screen)
  • television
  • data projector
  • computer
  • translation technology
  • demountable walls

For leisure activities, we can organize an evening guide, a show program, outings, and more for groups.

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Looking for activities?

Regardless of the season, there’s plenty to do in Roosta!

We’ve got activities year-round – enjoy an exciting archery session or join us for a game of bowling. In autumn, you can take a leisurely mushroom walk or enjoy a horse ride on the beach. You can challenge yourself and get your adrenaline pumping at Roosta Adventure Park, or engage in an exciting mobile game with your friends!

Rent a bike, play pool, orienteer, play table tennis or rent skis in winter. Roosta offers limitless possibilities!

Would you prefer to see the sights nearby?

In the minds of Estonians, Noarootsi is mainly associated with the coastal Swedes who lived here from the mid-13th century until 1944. The origins of the name Noarootsi remain shrouded in mystery, with numerous legends surrounding it.

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Organise your event

Roosta Holiday Village has partners and friends from near and far.

Our partners provide various opportunities for enjoyable events, games, and gatherings.

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Map of Roosta Holiday Village

Events in Roosta

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