22. juuni toimub Roosta Jaanipidu ansambliga KLUBI. Üritus on TASUTA

Mobile game
'Viking treasure hunt'
in Roosta

Come and discover Roosta Holiday Village and its surroundings in a fun way.

What is the mobile game ‘Treasure Hunt’?

Over the last century, a multitude of treasures dating back to the Viking Age have been discovered in Läänemaa, primarily comprising Viking jewelry and coins. Today, their worth has multiplied, and treasure hunters are quite literally finding themselves with hands full of gold. Another treasure chest has recently been found on the beach at Roosta, but opening it has proved much more difficult than expected….

Where can you play the game?

The game can be played at Roosta Holiday Village. All you need is a smartphone and a game ticket.

How to play the game?

There are 30 virtual coins hidden in the resort. Your task is to locate all the coins and uncover the clue needed to unlock the treasure chest.
The game tests your knowledge of Viking life. Don’t worry too much – there are no penalties for incorrect answers!

PS! Be ready to walk 2-3 km to complete the game.

The game is suitable for everyone – play on your own, share with a friendly family or compete with friends!

Price of the game 10 €

One game ticket can be shared among 1-5 people.

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