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House rules

• Roosta Holiday Village’s accommodation clients are all guests who are registered in holiday house.
• Check-in starts at 4 PM (in September to May at 3 PM). Check-out time until 12 at noon. We will keep your bookings until 9 PM.
• The personal ID card or passport is required to register to the holiday house.
• Roosta Holiday Village guarantees the confidentiality of guests’ personal information.
• Roosta Holiday Village doesn’t accommodate persons who can blemish holiday village’s reputation; has damaged holiday village’s property; is wanted by the police; is in heavy alcoholic or narcotic intoxication; has a record of an illegal act in other hotels.
• Nighttime peace in Roosta Holiday Village lasts from 22.00 to 06.00 (from june to august 00.00 to 06.00) and from 00.00 to 07.00 during nights that precede a holiday. It is forbidden to make noise and to disturb people in nearby holiday houses during that time. Everybody who is in a holiday house during the nighttime, is considered to be a staying visitor. Roosta Holiday Village has the right to charge every unregistered staying visitor 40 €.
• In case the bill has not been paid by the client or the client refuses to pay the bill, these questions will be solved according to the settlements of Estonian law.
• Roosta Holiday village doesn’t take responsibility for things that are left behind by the guests.
• The client has no rights to remove exhibits and equipment belonging to the Holiday Village out of the holiday house. In case of damage or break of exhibits and equipment client shall pay to Holiday Village the cost of repairs and/or procurements 100% extent according to the fixed pricelist.
• In case of filming, photographing, interviewing in public areas in Holiday Village permission has to be confirmed beforehand with it’s management.
• Pets are allowed for extra charge.
• Smoking is allowed only in prescribed places.

• Bringing your own food/drinks/alcohol to our main building, saunas, terrace and outdoor stage area is forbidden.


Cancellation rules! In case a group over 10 people (or 5 houses) cancels previously confirmed reservation/booking following cancellation fine will be applied (percentage from the entire reservation bill)

  •  28-21 days before: 50% of the accommodation charge, 25% of the catering and additional services charge
  •  21-14 days before: 75% of the accommodation charge, 35% of the catering and additional services charge
  •  1-14 days before : 100% of the accommodation charge, 50% of the catering and additional services charge