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Other activities

In the Roosta Holiday Village, you can always find activities no matter what the weather! Those who adore an active vacation can ride a bike in summer and ski in winter. There are enough activities in forests, on the beach and on playgrounds, and indoor games await you in the party rooms of the Holiday Village.

  • Mini Golf – 4 € per hour
    Our mini golf course is an amusing activity that also suits those who have never played golf before and have never held a golf-club in their hands. Come and test it yourself!
  • Tennis – 15 € per hour
    If you love tennis, then you can take up a racket and have a little training. Our sand court is also suitable for beginners. Our court is meant for hobby athletes.
  • Petanque – 3 € per hour
    There are perfect conditions for this game at Roosta. Form teams of 1 to 3 persons, choose a suitable playground and start playing!
  • Darts – 3 € per hour
    Who has more precision? Who will get the biggest score? You can always use darts to find out.
  • Jakkolo – 3 € per hour
    This popular board game, which originates from the Netherlands, offers amusing indoor entertainment for smaller and bigger groups.
  • Mölkky – 3 € per hour
    A throwing game that is easy, amusing and offers sporting excitement. All you need is suitable weather, good company and liveliness!
  • Billiards – 7 € /  hour
    This game banishes dullness, cheers you up and is always available for entertainment during sauna events or just for fun.
  • Table tennis – 3 € per hour
    If the weather is too bad to play tennis outdoors, you can always put yourself to the test in table tennis. Everything you need for this game is available for you at any time!
  • Korona / Novuss – 2 € per hour
    This is an alternative to billiards. The gaming table is made of smooth plywood, and you have to move wooden disks on it by a cue stroke.
  • Bicycle – 3 € per hour
    We rent out bicycles so that you can become acquainted with the surroundings of the Roosta Holiday Village and see the sights of our rural municipality.
  • Walking-sticks – 1 € per hour
    A healthy walk with moderate physical strain is suitable for anyone who enjoys beautiful nature. In addition to walking-sticks, we provide you with a map covering our orientation trails, if you so wish.
  • Skis – 3 € per hour
    You can enjoy nature on skis in winter. Suitable tracks run in forests and you can get a wonderful view if you ski along the sea coast.
  • Skates – 3 € per hour
    Our basketball court is covered by glassy ice in winter and is transformed into a skating rink. We can find suitable skates for both adults and smaller skaters.
  • Basketball court
    The skating rink is transformed back to a basketball court in summer, where in addition to ball games, other competitions and games can be organised.
  • Ball rental – 2 € hour
    You cannot play ball games without a ball, so we will find a suitable ball for every game!
  • Orientation – map 0,40 €
    An orientation trail with 20 checkpoints waits you in the surroundings of Roosta Holiday Village. It takes about 2 hours to complete, if you are walking at a calm pace. The map is available from our administration, where you can later see if you found all the correct checkpoints.
  • Car transport – with advance reservation / ask for offer
    If you need transport to the Roosta Holiday Village or anywhere else from here, please let us know. We can organise suitable transport for groups and individual guests.